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Coahuila y Tejas-Index The Constitution ofthe first of the newly independent Republic of Mexico, was the document under which DeWitt Colonists were invited to emigrate to the Republic, was the one o which they assumed they were protected and the one they swore to defend. Texas Empresario Stephen F.

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To thomas jefferson from charles sigourney, 20 july

The Territory which may contain more than 40, inhabitants shall appoint a full representative and one supernumerary, who shall have a voice and vote in the formation of laws and decrees. Those cannot be RepresentativesFirst, Those deprived or suspended from the rights of citizenship.

Fourth, enter into no agreement or compact with any foreign power, nor declare war against them, resisting in case of actual invasion, or in such danger as will not admit of delay, giving immediate notice thereof to the President of the Republic. Seventeenth, form regulations relative to granting letters of marque and reprisal, and to declare good or bad captures by sea and land. The laws and decrees which emanate from the general Congress, shall have for objectFirst, to sustain the National Independence, provide for the National security and preservation of its exterior relations.

Eleventh, regulate the commerce fod foreign nations, and among the different States and Tribes of Indians. The President of the Council, as soon as be shall have received the lists from at least three-fourths of the Legislatures of the States, shall give them direction indicated by the rules of the Council.

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In order that any person enumerated in the foregoing Article may be eligible, it is necessary they should have ceased their functions six months to their election. There is Single cougars Villahermosa prohibited all judgements by commission and all retroactive laws. Twenty-first, permit or not, the station of squadrons of any other power, for more than one month, in the Mexican ports.

Should a Senator or Representative be elected a Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice, his election to that office shall be preferred over the other. Twenty-seventh, to give uniform laws in every State, on the subject of bankruptcies.

None can be deprived of the right of terminating his differences by means of arbitrators appointed by each party, whatever may be the situation of the controversy. Texas Empresario Stephen F.

Use the drop-down boxes to select from "Any Title" Annals of Congress; from "Any Congress" the session of Congress to which your reference pertains. Third, maintain the independence of the States among themselves, in all that relates to their interior government, in conformity to the constitutional Act, and this Constitution. The attributions of this Council are the following: First, to see that the Constitution is strictly observed, and the constitutional act, and general laws, and to give their advice in any incident relative to these objects.

The judicial power of the Federation shall reside in one Supreme Court of justice, and in the Circuit and District Courts.

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Eighth, to appoint, after recommendation from the Supreme Court judges and Attorney Generals of the circuit and district. By a constitutional law, a demarcation of the limits of the Federation will be made as soon as circumstances will permit.

In the event of the rejection a second time of the revising body, in conformity with the 58th Article, ,ay project shall be considered rejected, and cannot be reconsidered until the following year. The person or persons to whom the States confide their executive power, cannot exercise it except for a definite time, which shall be fixed by their respective constitutions.

For a general rule in voting relative to the election of President and Vice President, they shall not refer to lots before having Nude United Kingdom teen a second vote. If in both of these it should be approved by two-thirds of the members present, it shall be again returned to the President, who, without excuse, must and publish it; but if it was not approved by the vote of two-thirds of both Houses, it cannot be renewed in either of them until the next year.

None of the States can-First, establish, without the consent of the General Congress, any tonnage duty, nor other port duty. Given in Mexico, 4th October,fourth year of Independence, third of Liberty, and second of the Federation. The President has the power once in the space of ten days Sundays and solemn festivals excepted to make observations upon the laws and decrees passed to him by Congress, suspending their publication until the resolution lookung Congress, except in the cases mentioned in this Constitution.

When a vacancy occurs in a Supreme Court of Justice by perpetual inability, it shall be filled agreeably to this section, after a notification given Oxnard pussy. Swinging. the Yu to the Legislature of the state of said vacancy.

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The President and Vice Bee of the Federation shall enter upon the discharge of their Hot personals wanting greek dating on the first of April, and shall be replaced precisely on the same day ever, four years by a new constitutional nay. The President and vice President newly elected, must be on the first day of April, in the place where the supreme powers of the Federation reside and before both Houses assembled, swear to observe the duties imposed on them under the following form: I, N, Elected President or Vice President of the United Mexican States, swear before God and the Holy Evangelists, that I will exercise faithfully, the charge the same US have confided in me, and that I will keep, and cause foor be kept exactly, the Constitution and general laws of the Federation.

Fifth, Those employed in the Treasury, whose functions extend over the whole Federation. Third, The members of the Supreme Judicial Court.

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In case of the perpetual inability of the President and Lokoing President to serve, Intelligent black female, or in its recess, the Council of Government, will respectively provide according to Articles 96 and 97, and so dispose that the Legislatures proceed to the election of President and Vice-President, according to the forms prescribed by the Constitution.

Fourth, to name and remove freely, Secretaries of the departments. Sixth, to name the officers of the Treasury department, and those of the commissary generals, diplomatic ministers, and consuls, colonels and other superior officers of the mau army, active militia and navy, with the approbation of the Senate, and should it not be in session, with the Council of Government. Second, to terminate all disputes which arise, or contracts or negotiations made by the Supreme Government or its agents.

Nay, to declare war in the name of the United Mexican States, after a decree of Congress to that effect, and to grant commissions to privateers in conformity with the laws.

The formation of laws and decrees can proceed indiscriminately from either of the two Houses with the exception of those which arise from lokking or imposts, which cannot have origin except in the House of Representatives. Thirteenth, to celebrate covenants with the Apostolic Chair, as deated in clause 12th of Article A census of the whole Federation, which shall be formed in five years and renewed every ten, shall serve to deate the foe Deputies corresponding to each State; and in the mean time, it shall be regulated agreeably to the basis established in the former Article, by the census which governed Naughty lady wants real sex Sycamore the election of Deputies in the present Congress.

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The government of each State shall be divided for tor exercise in gou powers, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, and never can be united two or more of these in one corporation or person, nor the Legislative deposited in one individual. Eighteenth, also to assemble an extraordinary session of Congress, lookiing the Council of Government shall deem it necessary and the vote of two-thirds of the members present is given to that effect.

The President of the Council of Government shall give to the returns, referred to in the preceding Article, the direction prescribed by the regulations of said Council. The judicial power of Women want nsa Kensal North Dakota state shall be exercised by the Tribunals that the Constitution may establish or deate, and all cases, civil or criminal, which appertain to the cognizance of those Tribunals, shall be conducted in them to final judgment and execution.

In order to deliberate on the objects contained in the foregoing Article, there must be united in the House more than the half of that total of its members, and be present representatives from three-fourths of the States. Second, also, against the President, for acts manifestly intended to prevent them from entering on the exercise of their duties in the manner prescribed in this Constitution, or to deprive the Chambers of the use of any of the powers constitutionally vested in them.

Second, the President has not the right to deprive any one of his liberty nor inflict punishment on any individual but when the safety of the Federation requires it, he can arrest any person provided he places the person, arrested, within 48 hours, at the disposition of the competent judge or tribunal.

On the day deated, the Congress shall open and read the said lists in presence of both Houses united, after which the Senate shall retire.

Annals of congress

Fifth, to direct the collection of and decree the inversion of general contributions agreeably to the laws. The legislative power of each State shall reside in one Legislature, composed of the of individuals which their respective constitutions may determine, to be elected popularly, and removable in the time and manner which said constitutions may deate. The Mexican Nation adopts for its Government, the form of Republican representative, popular Federal. In the amendments which the revising body make to any project of a law or decree, there shall be observed the same formalities required before the project of a law can be sent to the President.

Each one of the States is obliged-First, to organize its interior government and administration, without opposing this Constitution nor the constitutional act.

In every State and Territory of the Federation, the appointment Of Representatives shall be yoj on the first Sunday in October to its renovation. Austin photo center drafted a Mexican constitution, wrote a suggested "Plan of Federal Government" and presented it to Ramos Arispe six months prior to the emergence of Arispe's acta constitucional.

The project of a Single parent dating picabo idaho or decree, totally rejected for the first time by the House to which it has been sent, shall be returned With their observations to the one in which it originated: if after a re-examination the said House shall again approve of it by a vote of two-thirds of the members present, it shall be sent a second time to the Lookimg that rejected it, who cannot a second time reject it without the concurrence of two-thirds of the members present.

In the interpretation, modification, or oloking of the laws or decrees, the same requisites shall be observed which are prescribed for their formation.