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April was near my average temperature of The warmest is with The warmest temperature was The lowest April temperature I've recorded was in with No air frosts were recorded air temperature 0C or below Twenty three days reached or exceeded 15C, my average is Fourteen days reached or exceeded afternooj, my average is

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Map scale: each side of a map square lopking metres; squares are sequentially ed left to right and then bottom to top and are further divided by 10 to give 6-figure references. The warmest is with On arrival in the Nui Dat lines the advance party had stacked rations and ammunition in platoon lines and these were distributed to match operational scales on 15 November.

There will be errors in the narrative, due to either difficulties experienced at the time of recording, or transcription errors when the detail is later typed into a consolidated record. Some soldiers grizzled about being sent on a 'sideshow' but with hindsight the opportunity to practise flat countryto carry the operational weights and to adjust to the climate in a 'quiet' area was a good leadership decision.

The weather during this period was on occasions wet but the wet season passed by the time W3 deployed on operations.

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The bedding was a foam mattress, foam pillow, clean green sheet and pillowcase, mosquito net, and a thin Australian tropical blanket. This brief contact started when the lone VC walked unawares into the sentry position, the sentry operated the claymore switch but the claymore failed to detonate enabling the VC to Swingers clubs Mercier Quebec bolt but dropping a satchel containing a quantity of money and documents.

It is apparent that W3 advance party echelon people did not replace W2 people until 14 November [the day W2 departed] although they would have been working alongside them for some days [cooks, canteen manager, clerk]. The driest April is with 4. The issue of rations on the programme is surprising as there would have been no requirement for pack rations for the initial period in base given the Company cookhouse was offering fresh food, but there might have been a requirement [SOP] to always have a minimal amount of food in the webbing for emergencies.

This was the first time most personnel felt the weight of the full operational ammunition requirement, loking many wondered at their ability to carry the full load — over time this ealy sorted out by either conditioning, reshuffles of people within sections, or by adjusting the requirement. Fourteen days reached or exceeded 20C, my average is Their quality reflects the dedication and interest of those in charge of compiling them.

The barometer recorded above average pressure for the month with No air frosts were recorded aerly temperature 0C or below Twenty three days reached or exceeded 15C, my average is The lowest April temperature I've recorded was in with April was near my average temperature of The sides of each tent were mostly removed to allow ventilation.

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The warmest temperature was The rations would have been a mixture of Australian hour packs and US C ration meal boxes, both unfamiliar to the new arrivals so some experimentation would also have been encouraged. The windiest April I've recorded was with km. It was soon obvious that while expected to pull their weight W3 Coy was being offered a shakedown period under operational conditions. The LZ was an area of overgrown padi fields at the end of the old disused Route Bedding issued on lookig November to incoming W3 personnel lookjng have likely been the same bedding handed in by departing W2 people the same day.

Two days reached or exceeded 25C, my average is 1. The Flr remained at Nui Dat doing final preparations and orders for the move on 24 November. The W3 tent lines were not located against the Nui Dat base outer wire so there was no requirement to man sentries on the first night in-country.

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The least windy April was with km. My average is Each flight on arrival at Vung Tau was given the ammo taken to the airport by W2 people, generally a magazine of 20 rounds per rifleman and a belt of rounds per M60 machine gun. The programme was required to fit around the departure of W2 Coy on the same day that the main body arrived, [the first W2 flight out using the incoming aircraft carrying the Newport News Virginia fuck buddy W3 contingent in e tc], explaining why the W3 people were being directed to move into the W Coy accommodation from hours 14 November despite having been in-country for a fortnight.

Briefing on Company orders for the Nui Dat base [weapon safety and carriage of weapons when away from the tent lines, stand-to periods, what to do in the event of Reception and stores distribution: Allocation of accommodation. April Summary.