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Comments This Sept. Little, the man authorities say was the most prolific serial killer in U. He was He had been serving a life sentence at a California prison since being convicted of three counts of murder in Samuel Little, who had diabetes, heart trouble and other ailments, died at a California hospital, according to the state Dscorts of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He was serving a life sentence for multiple counts of murder.

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Peter, Netherlands Not only the Treasury would benefit. BUT only if the government use all the revenues to fight under-age prostitution and sex slavery e. Little strangled most of his victims, usually soon after meeting them during chance encounters. Susan Lehman, UK Legalisation would allow the authorities to help girls in need as their are too many bad guys willing to exploit and terrify some cxrmel being prostitutes.

Meet the madam who runs australia's oldest brothel

In fact, usually the most embarrassing thing that one encounters in the area are the many drunken stag-nighters on a weekend trip over from the UK. Better still, sex slavery, pimping and all the other abuses associated with it could be clamped down on, if not removed altogether. Legalising prostitution and regulating the working conditions of those individuals concerned whatever gender they might be would provide a safety net for a part of society that is currently extremely vulnerable to abuse.

He was nearly 80, in failing health and serving a life sentence in a California prison when he began confiding to Holland in Mayafter years of refusing to talk to other authorities. Prostitution is the sticky end of the skin trade, so where do you draw the line.

Hamilton county's hometown newspaper

Chris Welch, UK In a world where we are fast losing are moral values it wont be long before the things that we know to be wrong today will be right tomorrow. Debora, United States Take a look at Holland here they tried make it as a "normal profession with normal working conditions, with disastrous consequences escogts. In Finland prostitution is legal - having a pimp is illegal, and I don't see why it escort be the same here. Eventually the EU will give us our orders and the matter will be settled.

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Louise, UK Legalise it but for God's sake don't tax it! They might solve the "stress" problem the world is facing, and balance the pain of life to some extent for some. James, USA How can we teach our children to respect themselves and others when all the time we are removing any sense of value from what it means to be human. Sscorts, a tax upon it can be used to fund its regulation so that it will not unduly spread disease. If you take that line of reasoning, you could also say that since there is so much burglary in the UK, and making it illegal hasn't stopped it, why not de-criminalise burglary and make burglars pay taxes too.

A tax upon prostitution could be used to fully fund these programs.

Sex, drugs, murder and a mechanical feather duster, 'The Pink House' has seen it all.

It's a finely balanced argument, but I personally come out in favour of legalisation, which would allow regulation and safeguards to protect both prostitutes and their clients. People want it, it is their personal choice to have it or not.

Your Honour. By contrast in the built-up areas of Las Vegas and Reno, where it is not legal, you find typical scenes of streetwalkers who suffer from all the abuse and harassment familiar in most cities.

The pink house: this year-old madam runs australia's oldest brothel in kalgoorlie, where prostitution is illegal

Old women wanting sex Orlanci Sadly however the British are ruled by greed, bigotry and ignorance and will never achieve the enlightened social principals of the Dutch. To visit prostitutes is not esxorts solution, but it would bring more distance between husband and wife. We must admit that sex is pleasurable. I would suggest Glasgow, where there has been a series of murders of prostitutes over the last few years.

The brothels are often owned and run by the workers themselves without the pimps and other parasites.

Breaking: thousands of hectares destroyed as gingin fire rages

This is a form of being an accomplice to this esccorts. Legalisation within a framework might give more protection to those who need it whilst allowing freedom of choice for those who wish to sell or buy sex. Josh, Scotland Don't legalise it for health reasons, or to tax it. Not everyone is married, and not every married person has a spouse who is interested in sex. The slave trade was based on this and so is the drugs trade.

Mr T, UK How low is this country going to sink? You will see the shocking degradation of a culture which includes legalisation of prostitution, among other things.

Will prostitutes have to give receipts for work? What is illegal is soliciting, living off immoral earnings and Kerb crawling. Surely the aim of society is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for its citizens. Nor is every single person young and attractive.

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Stephen Clarke, UK The sky hasn't fallen in and there are no street-walkers Patrick, Australia In Canberra, where I live, prostitution has been legalised with escorte brothels only allowed in industrial precincts. If burglary was no longer a crime, the crime rate would drop to new lows overnight.

To legalize it means society is accepting it as an institution and supporting the act. Ross, USA It should be eliminated rather than legalizing it. I realise that to some people this business is disgusting and cafmel be stopped, unfortunately this is one of the oldest games going. If these moral guardians would actually fight the good fight and campaign against grinding poverty, an unjust economic system etc then the problem wouldn't exist to begin with.

So there are those for whom prostitution is the only way to enjoy any sex at all. Alexis, Belgium It is funny how inner-city areas are the focus of this trade with drugs and pimps Tom, England Yes, both male and female prostitution should be legalised and regulated as in Germany. Thus the legal prostitutes would be the ones who passed the exam. How is this supposed to work exactly?

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They are providing a service which is obviously wanted or prostitution would have died out years ago. Harriet, London The decision as to whether one is to be escotrs in prostitution is based on both moral and economic factors that have nothing to do with the government. Didn't we abolish slavery for the same reason?