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Seeking someone you and genuine

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By Kokil Sharma Sep.

Age: 34
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Taking Care of Yourself

Love exists in the simplest things we do together. Healing Love heals and ousts fear.

True love is forgiveness. They know when to shut up and when to say the things that need to be said.


We need someone with whom we can experience the wonders of life. Like yourself and like your life — really work on that, Schwartz advised. True love is playful and grows together without resistance or fear. Companionship As human beings, we seek companionship from other human beings.

The no-bullshit way to find “the one”

Go where people like the same things you like. It comes from giving each other enough space for personal growth and never crossing the line, no matter what.

A true love will always recognize that and respect you for letting him or her inside your secret, sacred space. Happy people attract people.

12 habits of genuine people

Sacred True love is sacred. Knowing when to step up and take control and when to back off and trust your partner to take over is teamwork. To receive love, we must give love. In unity, love grows and strengthens with time. Everything seems fun and effortless just the way it is.

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True love is attracted to us when we believe that we are truly attractive. True love changes us and how we think.

We find true love by being ourselves. By Kokil Sharma Sep. Therefore, in order to attract true love, we must exhibit the qualities we seek in our partners.

It makes us feel safe and protected. Loyalty in relationships not only brings emotional stability, but also increases intimacy levels.

Question Your Thoughts

When we are in true love, we know what to do. There is no need to convince or force anything on each other. The truth is true love is an extension of our own true nature. We feel at peace and we feel at home with our loved ones, wherever we are.

Single and looking for love? while there are always obstacles to meeting the right person, these tips can help you find lasting love and build a healthy, worthwhile relationship.

We never have to "try" to spice things up. Wherever you are, be present and look around the room to see who is looking at you.

There is no judgment, and we become open to receiving and accepting love, exactly the way it is. True love only heals pain from the past and gives us the strength to love again.

Looking for a soul mate? quotes about finding love

When two people are together in love, they combine their strengths and work like a team. Someone with whom we can travel, share our secrets, discuss world events, fool around and grow old.

When it comes to love, we look for someone who will be by our side through thick and thin, through our entire lives. Everything needs to grow to survive: plants, animals and all living cells on this planet. Fear makes love hopeless and complicated.

When words have meaning and are said with a good intentions, it's never difficult to let them out. True love means paying attention to the one you love. True love frees us of fear and attachment.

It's a natural process seekijg is essential for our happiness and freedom. Teamwork True love is teamwork. It comes to us when we least expect it.

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Communication Many people say that they struggle to express their feelings to their loved ones; the only thing that stops them is their egos. We never have to try to go out of our way to please the person.

Acceptance When we are in true love, we naturally accept the person for his or her positives, as well as for negatives. True love is freedom.

Selflessness We experience true love only when we have something to give. Together, they create something so special that it is unique and indestructible. It removes ego, brings joy and brings us closer to our real selves. Tessina, a California psychotherapist also known as "Dr.